Extra Tips

Here are some tips on the sort of things we like in our stories and the sort of things we don't really like. Some of these are a little more written in stone than others.

Stuff we like

  • a good old tale of a character who wants something and tries to get it, meeting obstacles along the way

  • prose that grabs us and moves us and makes us feel for and with the character

Stuff we're not too fond of

  • stories where the character doesn't want anything or woe-is-me stories where the character spends most of the time complaining, without doing anything to change it

  • second-person narration. It just sounds too much like meditation tapes or choose-your-own-adventure games to us. Sorry

  • pieces that are too experimental, like stream-of-consciousness stories or stories told from really odd points of view (like a flower or a walking stick)

  • sci-fi. While we will sometimes consider stories of something coming down to Earth from another planet if the focus is horror or fantasy, we're not really looking for space adventures

The best suggestion we can give you is to read a couple of the stories on the site (or get a copy of our magazine, if you have some spare change in your pocket) to get a feel for the stories we choose. Good luck!

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