Extra Tips

Here are some tips on the sort of things we like in our stories and the sort of things we don't really like. Some of these are a little more written in stone than others.

Stuff we like

  • a good old tale of a character who wants something and tries to get it, meeting obstacles along the way

  • prose that grabs us and moves us and makes us feel for and with the character

  • supernatural elements. While we personally like a good serial killer or coming-of-age story, Dream of Shadows is all about that supernatural stuff

Stuff we're not too fond of

  • stories where the character doesn't want anything or woe-is-me stories where the character spends most of the time complaining, without doing anything to change it

  • second-person narration. It just sounds too much like meditation tapes or choose-your-own-adventure games to us. Sorry

  • pieces that are too experimental, like stream-of-consciousness stories or stories told from really odd points of view (like a flower or a walking stick)

The best suggestion we can give you is to read a couple of the stories on the site (or get a copy of our magazine, if you have some spare change in your pocket) to get a feel for the stories we choose. Good luck!

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