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Click HERE to head to the Guide to Screenwriting Contests page.

There are plenty of screenwriting contests that can catapult you from obscurity to dazzling Hollywood heights. Just remember that the major screenwriting contests are incredibly competitive – like the industry itself! So, learn how to roll with the punches and keep pushing on despite the pushbacks. You never know when your big break might come! This resource can help guide you through navigating the landscape of screenwriting contests to open up new creative options for you and your writing endeavors.

This link was a suggestion from Emma with the Greater Salt Lake City Girl Scouts troop. It's full of helpful links, from free courses that help you write what you want to resources for grants, tips on how to find an agent or tips on how to self-publish once you're finished. Massive thanks to Emma for the great find!


If you're all about improving your writing and learning new techniques, here are a couple of podcasts you could check out (we're not affiliated with them; it's just the stuff we found useful ourselves).

Writing Excuses

Established writers like Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells and Howard Tayler share their knowledge in bite-sized episodes. We recommend Episodes 16.35 to 16.42 for an extensive look at the MICE Quotient.

The Story Grid Podcast

Especially helpful if you've read Shawn Coyne's The Story Grid (which we recommend as well) and want quick reminders. We recommend Value Shift 101 (podcast) and The 5 Commandments of Storytelling (Article).

Fiction Writing Made Easy

Savannah Gilbo is a Story Grid editor. Her podcast is great if you need bite-sized episodes on specific elements of the Story Grid. The episode How to Write a Well-Structured Scene goes through the 5 Commandments and gives you an example from Harry Potter.

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